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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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he didn't pickt n much support. carley fiorina did, emerging as the clear winner and a different poll taken before his controversial remarks, ben carson dropped 5 points. these the top tier standings. the rest of the field barely registering. halle jackson reporting. this morning, donald trump is live on the "today" show. hear what is next for his campaign. pope frances continues hg historic tour through cuba this, mo. right now, everyone is talking about this meeting between the pope and xub ba's former leader philadelphiaal cas tro. the two men met at castro's home for 30 minutes. it was informal and friendly. prior to that, pope frances held the largest paper pal mass in revolution square. the vatican estimates at least 2200,000 people were in aten dan. the unive38ity of notre dame has come up with a play list for
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this occasion. stthere are a few that reference cities where the pope will be traveling like streets of philadelphia by bruce springsteen and" another state of mind" by alicia keys. there were mile stoens and breakthroughs, a touch of familiar on nbc's top nights t. winners and highlights of the 67th prime time awards. >> i haveola davis. >> -- vieola davis. viola davis became the first plaque actress in her role. >> the only. that separates anyone from anyone else is opportunity. >> after seven losses, he crawled on stage to finally get his lands on the award. >> this is impossible. ible possible.
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>> samberg for his role "transgender." community. >> thank you for letting us be a part of the change. vin the best actress range. >> julia louise dry fuss. >> her show broke through as best samberg for the first time. >> i just one the emmys. whohoo! >> nbc "the voice" won best competition series. amy schumer won and ""daly" show "won as best talk series. >> thank you so much. you will never have to see me again. >> as tracy morgan returns to the stage presented the night's most poignant moment. >> i miss you guys so much. >> after suffering life threatening injuries last year in a car accident.
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>> it cap clurs three other award on the night. mark barger, nbc news. >> we'll have highlights a little later in entertainment. right now, though, more than 10,000 firefighters are battleer ten active firefighters. one of the wildfires in monterey county has turned deadly. the fire broke out on saturday. one person has died. at least ten homes have been damaged or destroyed. se i know nine or ten homes have burnt probably on our street. r. >> meanwhile, two of the largest fires, the valley and butte fires have consumed more than 140,000 acres. overhe next two years the united states is expected to increase the number of world wide refugees it takes in,m during a newsrronference on
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kerry discussed the massive number fleeing the civil war. kerry announced the u.s. will accept 85,000 next year up from 70,000. >> that total will rise to 100,000 in 2017. >> as soon as we have an opportunity to try to uy that, we are welcome, because america has always welcomed briviing more people in, in these kind of circumstances. >> according to kerry the pieg grants would be screened by the department of homeland security and settled around the u.s.. well, just one week from this wednesday, ground hogg day, another potential government shutdown. >> that is the threat from some in congress if they don't get their way for planned parenthood. on friday they decided to block their funds for one year. the bill may be doomed. democrats have enough votes to block it and the president has promised a veto, if needed.
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mcconnell voted against a shutdown. there is concerning pressure. sometimes being on the international space station has a spark. commander scott kelly tweeted this photo of the crew during movie night this weekend. so what film did they see? none other than the eaartian" starring matt damon.t scientists were consulted in the making of that film. although in "gravity" i don't know which way that would be. >> i never thought of them sitting up there watching movies. why not? i wondered if they saw "gravity. >> i hope you had a wonderful weekend t. weather cooperated for most of us. the attention over the next 48 hours, we won't have bad weather, flash flooding con rns a. little storm off the california coast of baja california is pumping all the moisture for arizona and new motionco, maybe a little if
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california, too. we could easily see flooding today and possibly tomorrow. that's what the radar future-cast looks like as we go through tuesday. it's just about done t. flash food watches from phoenix to yuma, not l.a. and san diego. in arizona up to four inches in localized apples. one to two inches could be widespread. the others are amazingly warm. it could be upper '80s as far as north dakota. texas still in the 90s. a cool morning in the east. all that humidity from last week is gone. so a nice chili morning. a beautiful afternoon. temperatures in the mid-70s. that your national forecast. now here's a look at your local weather. 88 degrees in florida. 73 in chicago a. beautiful fall-like day. we're wrapping up summer here, some areas fell leak it and look
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from florida all the way to the gulf coast. so up in arizona afrz, it looks like a quiet weekend. >> i like it. thank you so much. arrested, the arizona cyber investigation. an inferno turns every day boaters into life savers.
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zplmpblths zplmpblths. welcome back, everybody. a harrowing scene off the coast of texas a. yacht carrying four people caught fire saturday evening. luckily though for them good samaritans were by. >> horrifying moment. a spokesperson captured them in flames off the coast of dpaflston. >> thick plaque smoke. it was completely engulfed in flames by the time we arrived on scene. >> college student michael marquez was charterring a boat and raced over to the burning
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vessel. >> i was praying to god saying please don't proceed up, please don't proceed up. >> on the plane, four people, including a child, unsure of what to do. >> a 60-year-old in a plaque jacket. then his mom was bumpblt his mom rescued the father. >> you can tell somebody if their lives are in danger. take that pretty seriously. >> the captain had a few bumps and bruises. >> it's a good deal to see someone with a fire on their boat. i knew we had to get them off there. >> what triggered the fire still unknown. >> my goodness. moving with this story, a
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he received four of the 11 in phoenix, arizona. the when opinion he owned was linked to those students. however, he told the judge, quote, i'm the wrong guy. his father believes the shootings are ought in his character. >> my son would honestly, literally take the shirt off his back and give it to someone in need. >> he claims he hasn't had access to the weapon because he paund off his two guns mornts ago. bail is set at a million doll s. just ahead, number one in golf plus a rematch of last year's chaotic nfc championship game. who came out on top?
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. there morning on "today," a new special series "do you believe?" as the u.s. gets ready for the pope's historic visit. "today" has a look at mod encatholics. the seahawks descended on lam beau field, aaron rogers connects to james jones for the first point of the night second half down 10. seahawks and fred jackson over the middle. but in the end, the hometown packers won the arena from last week's nfc title game 27-7. biggest injury of the day,
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prone collar bone if six seasons. eagle's demarreco murray managed two yards against his former team. jameis winston powered tampa bay over the foreigners saints. 36-19. no interceptions for his second ffl start. johnny football came up big. manziel ponders a 60-yarder who strikes first. the browns down, titans 28-14. a battle of the afc heavy weights. john parady through for three touchdowns t. bills battle. they came up short. 40-32. in baseball, texas rangers lead in the american league west and down to one first half games. they were blanked by 18 game winner felix hernandez and seattle (ers. the afl east leading blue jace
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in a 3-0 lead against the red sox. arguably the world's hottest golfer just got even hotter. jason day headed into day four of the bmw championship with a six-stroke lead. the fedexcups points leader easily won his victory of the season. >> that my friends involved in an impasse for rory mcilroy and spieth. just ahead, who will be playing donald trump on sfl this season? going, going, been, caught on camera, a flight attendant falling asleep on the job. we have the disturbing video coming up on "early today." when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make
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>> now for some entertainment news. >> only recently i've started to feel like myself again. so which means a whole lot of you all women are going to get pregnant a e after party. >> yes, he's back. tracy morgan, though, made an emotional return to the emmys presenting the award for best drama series. he thanked his wife and doctors for making his recovery possible. although not at thor is.bill murray won for best supporting actor in his first emmy since 1977.
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bindy irwin sat down with ab nbc news, allison williams married ricky van veen. they have been dating since 2011. congratulations to them. nbc announced that taran killam will be portraying donald trump on "snl." this will be good. it starts october 3rd with miley cyrus. you don't want to miss. that at the box office over the weekend, . i want to see that. >> "the visit?" >> yeah.
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recreate the music 86 below. [ music playing ] you're the one i beening willing for" i can see it if your eyes" i can see nit your smile". >> we hope this is your first
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. in the news in the "new york times," drug goes from $13.50 a tablet to $750 overnight. it's widely used to treat a common parra site for people who
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are pregnant. pharmaceuticals raised the price 5,000%. the company that suspended the hike says it will use the proceeds forresearch. and in the washington post, lady snake gives birth after being alone for eight years, doesn't need men. okay. so this is the second year in a row. we kid you not t. yellow belly water snake has had a so-called virgin birth. scientists say it is common in birds and reptiles, apparently it did. president obama paid tribute to a white house staffer james brewer. he was struck and killed by a car during a charity big ride. he said i am heart broken, simply put, jake was one of the best. armed with a brilliant mind, a big heart, jake devoted his life to helping people afternoon. a southwest airlines attendant
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appears to fall asleep while giving instructions to passengers. wow, the flight attendant gets up, walks off camera, a short time later, the airlines said he may have been acted by quote new medication. they say he was removed from did you tell for the remainder of the day. so move over, jimmy fallon. now everyone has a chance to impersonate the donald, costume maker yandy is selling a sexy donald trump cost seum for women. a playser, a tie. >> would you think that was the donald? would you be like oh there goes donald trump? >> no the hair doesn't look like donald trump. there is no wig that comes with that i don't think. you have to buy the "making america great again" hat prattly. a couple charged in the death of a toddler known as baby doe is scheduled to appear in
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in june, a woman discovered a body of a child on a boston beach and after a nationwide effort to identify that girl, we finally learned her name was bella bond. her mother and the mother's boyfriend are both facing charges. let's say happy birthday.
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today, a police officer due to appear before a judge. he's expected to enter a plea in the wrong-way crash that killed two of his friends. plus, an outbreak of violence. crime scenes popping up across the city. and another deadly shooting just hours ago. and thousands gather for pope francis' historic visit to cuba as the pontiff meets with that country's long time leader. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. monday, september 21st. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett. darlene is on assignment. >> we want to check in with storm team 4's chris cimino. he's here with a forecast to start a brand new week. >> cool out there. feels like fall this morning.
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50s in the nearby suburbs. 40s in the distant burbs. 48 in sussex. jackets needed today, especially this morning. the day planner, a mix of clouds and sun. i think we'll see more clouds in the mix, especially this afternoon. a cool breeze from off the water. about 70 at noontime, forecasting a high of 74 degrees. lauren scala is back in the traffic chair. how is it looking this morning? >> so far things are looking good. we have weekend track work on the subways. expect delays and service changes. but your major commuter lines look good. we had a suspension on the lirr overnight, but service has been restored. again, running without delays or service changes. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you very much. happening today, a new jersey police officer heads to court to face charges in a deadly wreck. he's accused of driving drunk, heading the wrong way on the staten island expressway before
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katherine creag is live. >> reporter: we expect to see him in a little while, michael, that suspect, who's also a new jersey police officer. we expect him to arrive here at this police station in about four hours. he worked as a linden, new jersey, police officer. he's also accused of being behind the wheel of a deadly head-on crash. he's scheduled to have a meeting or some kind of hearing here at this police station later in the morning. earlier this year, he was involved in that awful crash that killed two of his friends. he'll face a judge today. his attorney says he'll plead not guilty to charges that are still sealed under the indictment. sources tell news 4 he's expected to face vehicular manslaughter charges for the crash that happened in march. his car plowed head on into a tractor trailer. it killed a fellow police officer and a friend of his. officials said ai bad had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.
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he was badly injured and has been undergoing months of rehabilitation. we expect to see him here later, about 8:00 a.m. with his attorney. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. it is 4:32. happening today, the former tennis star tackled by an nypd officer during a mistaken arrest will be meeting with police commissioner bratton and mayor de blasio. james blake's arrest shows the officer charging at him, grabbing him by the arm, and taking hum to the ground. the mayor and police commissioner have apologized to blake, who has said the officer should be fired. that officer has been placed on desk duty. well, today pope francis leaves havana, cuba. he's going to head across the island to mass in the town of holguin. during his mass yesterday, he urged cubans to serve people and not ideas.
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beforehand, several dissidents
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